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Mikki's one woman show

conceived, written & performed by

A one woman show
The one and only

Mikki Williams

The story behind the show!

August 2011, I saw Carrie Fisher do her one woman show, "Wishful Drinking" in Chicago. I had never seen a one person show, and I was mesmerized and inspired. Fast forward, 2013, I see a revival of Billy Crystal's one man show, "700 Sundays," and the torch was lit again. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men"... that fall into that abyss of never completed projects many of us have. And all the excuses that go with them... time, money, fear...

June 2016 Hotel Boulderado, Boulder, CO. I find myself in a breakout group with four powerhouse business leaders. The conversation somehow turns to things we haven't accomplished.

In the spirit of sharing, I admit to all of them that I always wanted to do a theatrical one woman show. Ah, accountability! The rest as they say is history!

Join me on a journey through my life as told through the shoes that defined each decade. Enjoy the ride!

Watch & donate Today!

Mikki Williams' Goddess Foundation

Wanna' watch the show? Great! Grab your popcorn and your buddies
for an hour of smiles.  You can view it here… NOW!! (scroll down)


ALL proceeds are going to the Mikki Williams' Goddess Foundation at my alma mater, Ithaca College to support the vision of future female entrepreneurs. The back story…
I am blessed by incredible women friends who I refer to as my Goddesses.  Many years ago, I thought if I knew fabulous women, they probably know fabulous women and the Annual Gathering of the Goddesses was born. It was a invitation to Las Vegas to my women friends to bring one of their women friends for a weekend of networking and fun. We did it for three years and then I took it to a new level with a trip to the South of France with 12 Goddesses to celebrate my birthday.  Ten years later, I took 30 of these fabulous females on a chartered private yacht through Croatia for a week to celebrate another milestone birthday.  And now, since my move to Naples, I have created Goddesses Florida!! It indeed has evolved…as have I. Help me in supporting the evolution of more fabulous females, hence the creation of this very Foundation. 


Another motivating factor from my life experience comes from being a young widow at 29. If you’re not familiar with my story, please click here for my TEDx talk. I was literally thrown into the entrepreneurial world by using my natural skills as a dancer and great cook to support myself and my young son. I have a special place in my heart for female entrepreneurs to SUPPORT them as I didn’t have that SUPPORT, circumstances inspired me. Grateful to have your SUPPORT in establishing this Foundation and helping it grow through this opportunity and others along the way.  And in the spirt of sharing…
my legacy! Enjoy the show!  BTW, it is R rated;-) primarily due to language .

And hurry back to rent my video!

MIkki's One Woman Show

MIkki's One Woman Show

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Rated "R"
for strong language

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